Board of Governors

The Hemington Primary School Board of Governors is comprised of the following members:

The Headteacher
1 x Local Authority Appointed Governor
1 x Elected Staff Governor
2 x Elected Parent Governors
3 x Co-opted Governors

The Full Governing Body meets every term, and in addition to these meetings the work of the Governing Body is conducted through a number of regular meetings of committees, working groups and nominated governors as outlined in the table below.

Group/Committee Purpose
Admin & Finance Sub Committee To review, and approve within delegated powers, budget plans, spending and commitments and review and monitor the general administration and development of the school.
Teaching & Learning Group To ensure access to the curriculum for all, evaluate intervention programmes and monitor pupil progress. Nominated Governors are assigned individual priority areas to oversee.
(Including H & S)
To oversee the implementation of any property repairs/projects. Identify any issues with the property/grounds and ensure that they are addressed.
Performance Management To identify Headteacher targets and objectives (with professional, external support), check performance and report outcomes to the Full Governing Body.
Safeguarding Children To liaise with the Headteacher termly to identify and issues and support the Headteacher with any issues that arise.
Nominated Pre-School Governor To support the Pre-School team. To explore opportunities for future development and ensure the stability and sustainability of the Pre-School setting.
Children in Care To support the Headteacher and any children who attend school and are within the care system.


At the first meeting of each academic year, the Governing Body elects a Chair and Vice Chair and allocates the governing body members to each of the roles according to experience, training and personal interest in the matters arising within each group.

For full details of the structure of the current Governing Body as well as the records of attendance, please refer to the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership website.