Board of Governors

The Hemington Primary School Board of Governors is comprised of the following members:

The Headteacher
1 x Associate Governor
1 x Elected Staff Governor
1 x Elected Parent Governor
3 x Co-opted Governors

The Full Governing Body meets every term, and works closely with teaching staff to ensure effective governance.

At the first meeting of each academic year, the Governing Body elects a Chair and Vice Chair and allocates the governing body members to various roles according to experience, training and personal interest in the matters arising within each group.

In 2021/2022 academic year, the local governing bodies of Hemington Primary School and Leigh on Mendip Primary School have committed to working together to strengthen the support and challenge for both schools.

Hemington Primary Local Governing Body currently consists of:

Name Category Appointment & Resignation Dates Current Term of Office Attendance 2020/21 Attendance 2021/22 Contact
Julie Roberts Chair 21/05/18 - 21/05/22 2 years 6/6 1/1
Naomi de Chastelain Headteacher 1/09/14 n/a 6/6 1/1
Jeff Hunt Director Appointed 1/08/2018 - 21/06/2022 2 years 4/6 1/1
Melanie Walcot Community Governor 29/06/21 2 years 1/1 0/1
Mary Sanford Co-opted Governor 29/09/21 2 years n/a 1/1
Lorraine Wellman Co-opted Governor 29/09/21 2 years n/a 1/1
Sally Campbell Staff Governor 18/11/20 2 years 4/5 1/1
Vacancy Parent          n/a
Christine Iles Clerk 21/10/19 n/a 6/6 0/1


 Details of Governors who have left in the previous 12 months:


Name         Category Appointment & Resignation dates Current Term of Office Attendance 2020/21 Attendance 2021/22 Contact
Tanya  Gibbs Director Appointed 25/10/18 - 24/10/21 n/a 6/6 n/a



For full details of the structure of the current Governing Body as well as the records of attendance, please refer to the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership website.