Music at Hemington Primary School

Music is at the heart of every primary school and Hemington Primary is no exception.

From the moment children enter our school in Nursery, they have the opportunity to sing and make music as part of the school day. Music is taught in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 as part of the National Curriculum where they learn to compose and perform, in a variety of contexts, and to listen to a wide range of different types of music which they are able to discuss and analyse.

Music is taught as a descrete subject. Singing takes place on a regular basis, and we use Sing Up Music as our Primary Music Curriculum Scheme to support us to deliver a creative, varied, and engaging programme of high-quality classroom music teaching.

Music lessons develop singing and playing, composing and improvising, listening and appraising, ensuring that musical knowledge and skills are built upon progressively as children move through the school.

Please click here for the Key Stage 1&2 overview.

Children also have the opportunity to learn an instrument through our involvement with Somerset Music, although this has currently been on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but will hopefully start again soon.

Music plays a key role in major school events such as our annual Christmas concert, Harvest Celebration and whole-school summer production in addition to other musical events throughout the year.